As Van Gogh said, “I would rather die of passion then of boredom”. We have only one life to live, so let’s live it to the fullest! Gratefulness appreciation, forgiveness, patience, and compassion will help you to maintain happiness. When we take ourselves out of our comfort zone, we have more chances for self-expression, and for discovery of new prospects and even the love of our life!!! You never know what can happen, right? LADYTAIS is on a mission to build worldwide friendships & business relationships. We truly believe that empowering wellness in all aspects of our life will allow us to be in control of our family’s wellbeing! We invite you to join us on this journey!


LADYTAIS  provides opportunities to all creative individuals who live, eat and breath ART and CRAFTS.

You are welcome to register for free and submit your application and photo of your work.

You will have access to a worldwide market with the ability to showcase your craft and get recognition.

In addition, we offer a significant discount to the LADYTAIS online fashion store, masterclasses, personal styling and other services.

Please submit your application here: CONTACT US NOW!