What does it take to become the person you have always dreamed of being? How does a vague dream become a tangible reality? When do you know that you have made it?
It all starts with a vision. Take fashion designers, for example. If you are brave enough to express yourself with the help of fabric and a needle – you are ready! If people are following you and interested in your creations- you are on the right path!
 Education, education…
Many internet gurus and successful business coaches don’t have a college degree; many of them haven’t even graduated high school. Everyone has their own destiny. I personally believe that my diploma and two certificates of professional courses From different countries helped a lot, but, on top of that, it is a  constant desire to learn new skills and techniques that, I believe will bring my company to the next level.
Fashion is my life. The fabric, the ribbons, the appliques… they all come together to create something magical.
What does it mean to build a fashion brand?
It isn’t creating your line of clothes and start selling, it’s not just building your website,  optimizing, marketing and updating… Building your brand is not about  offering contests and giveaways or coming up with crazy ideas like investing in the production of an expensive couture dress,  and paying a chunk of money to an agency just to make someone wear it for the Gala.
It is all of the above, and MANY other things combined!
Fashion is dynamic, more dynamic, in fact, than most other industries.  It constantly changes and evolves, demands rise and fall, and designers must be ready for it.
Do designers have to adapt to the market, or are they the ones who dictate what consumers will be searching for?
Artists don’t take directions from anyone and stick to their style and principles…  We know that to create and be loved by everyone it’s quite hard. Every designer has their own clientele.
Why is high fashion so expensive? A Dress can cost thousands of dollars. What determines its value?
The Main reasons that influence the price of an item are:
brand name, quality of materials, craftsmanship and design.
 Functionality means a lot, but it is not playing the main role in today’s runway collections. Because fashion is a wearable art, it must meet certain criteria.
Clothes and accessories give people the opportunity to showcase their individuality to the world, which is undoubtedly more difficult with mass-produced merchandise.
If you would like a unique, high quality item, then be prepared to pay the price. Just like in every other industry, knowledge and craftsmanship are costly factors, and that’s the way it should be.
While streetwear can be functional and even stylish, the quality is almost always lower than that of high fashion apparel, and it cannot be crafted the same way as couture. But most of all, it does not give the wearer the same emotions and vibrations as a  meticulously custom made piece.
The world of fashion is famous for being fiercely competitive…
Can you imagine the great things that would happen if designers, brands and industry professionals collaborated more than they competed to create clothes and accessories that people really want to wear? If everyone contributed their best talents and lifted each other up instead of engaging in marketing wars and copying each other’s designs, wouldn’t it be a friendlier, more positive industry? If experienced designers made it a priority to help young, emerging talents, wouldn’t everyone, including consumers, benefit from it?
If we all worked towards the common goal of making fashion a more inclusive place, we would have the perfect environment for creative talent to blossom.