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The most important thing you should remember is to stay remarkable! The biggest investment in life you can make is in yourself: wellness, spirituality, self-development and, of course, dressing for success.

Black corset Designer dress LADYTAIS is a fashion brand established in 1998 by designer Taisia Novakhova, who is passionate about incorporating delicate and intricate appliques into her designs, which show her superior craftsmanship. Our customers are women who look at fashion as an integral part of their lives and appreciate it as an art form, because a dress has the power to transform the way a woman feels and thinks about herself. Here at LADYTAIS we are so passionate about style that we are not afraid to give a stranger compliments. Each time meeting and working with new people we learn a lot, and we truly believe in the power of motivating and supporting each other!

Our statement

We believe in beauty and all its facets. We believe in the true meaning of luxury and that every woman needs to shine and empower. We believe that elegance is not just putting on a new dress, but the right dress. We believe that an outstanding look will transform your potential into creative power.

LADYTAIS is a brand created by women for women, but we firmly believe that just like behind every successful man there is an intelligent woman, behind every strong woman there is a man who supports her with his love, friendship and guidance, and motivates her to become the best version of herself. LADYTAIS is an inclusive brand. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else, for that matter. Our clients come from diverse backgrounds and we appreciate and celebrate this diversity.

Our founder


Taisia Novakhova, owner and founder of LADYTAIS brings wearable luxury and couture to life in each dress she creates. LADYTAIS designs have found homes in specialized stores across North America and Europe, with plans to appear on the racks of many more high-end boutiques. Taisia’s parents were teachers at the University of Russia and both were role models to her, but she was especially inspired by her loving and talented mother who showed her how a beautiful dress can inspire confidence in a woman. Her dreams of becoming a doctor slowly gave place to an overwhelming passion for art, and in particular – fashion. At the age of fourteen, Taisia had decided that it was her calling and set her sights on becoming a designer. After graduating from a fashion and design course Warsaw, Poland, she continued her education at Stavropol University of Art and Design in Russia and Sophia Bern’s College of Design in Israel. While in college, Taisia started to sell her designs to small boutiques in Russia, which inspired her to launch her own business. Her life journey led her from Russia to Israel, where she continued working in the same field, and later to Canada, where she now operates in Toronto, Ontario. Taisia’s approach to fashion is greatly inspired by the iconic Coco Chanel.

  Paris, city of fashion

Products and services

We specialize in couture bridal and evening wear, custom made with great attention to detail, as well as elegant and modern ready-to-wear ensembles. We offer wedding and bridesmaid gowns, mother-of-the-bride and flower girl dresses, couture evening and cocktail dresses, as well as bridal accessories. We gather inspiration from everywhere – the rustling of the leaves in Ontario forests, the beautiful museums of Florence, the brightly coloured fish of Eilat, the snowy peaks of Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus, the Royal Park of Warsaw. All this worldwide beauty is transformed into the creation of your couture dress. Our collections are entirely designed in Canada and manufactured in North America and the European Union by respected expert craftsmen who are paid fair wages. L’T offers a personal shopping services to help clients express themselves with stylish and fashionable clothing & accessories. We create looks based on each client’s lifestyle and goals. We also offer a professional styling services for our lovely brides and their families and bridesmaids. LADYTAIS couture school is working on a project for young designers, ages 12-18. Our final goal is to create a free art school for youth, so we are on a mission to start working with them worldwide as soon as possible through our e-learning platform. With great help from our partners and sponsors we believe that by contributing our energy to the future generations, we will help them express themselves and support the development of their talent. LADYTAIS offers licensed sales representative courses and provides great discounts for their employees.


Beauty starts from inside.” L’T offers memberships for an access to the biggest online wellness shop in North America, as well as high-end wellness products, thanks to our partners. You will find them in our “Wellness In Fashion” department.


Our mission


LADYTAIS is not just a store: it is a place where women come to make their dreams come true. Our mission is to transform their vision into reality and create the perfect dress for the most important moments of their lives.

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Please note that we are always open for new partnership opportunities and ready to explore new horizons. Should you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Tareya Green wearing LADYTAIS at the Juno Awards LADYTAIS fashion brand and the house of new opportunities. Interview with lead fashion designer and founder Taisia Novakhova. Italian film producer and director Andrea Riccardo Bruschi has chosen a LADYTAIS gown for his new 2019 film Lady in a Brand name red gown




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