LADYTAIS at the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women 20th Anniversary Charity Gala

Fashion designer Taisia Novakhova Founder of LADYTAIS will be hosting a Fashion show at the Charity Gala. The federation currently has 48 branches spread across the globe, in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It aims to unite and develop bonds between Business women around the world, provide a platform to exchange and share information, share practices, establish business networks to further economic trade and development, promote personal development on a global scale. LADYTAIS will be presenting couture collection. This collection began with the idea that all women deserve to feel confident and secure while being elegant and romantic.. The designer goal is to create exclusive and chic inspired by the roaring twenties. Looking back at the 1920’s Taisia Novakhova sees more than just dresses, she sees personality.

The 1920’s Art Deco was a time of intricate designs, and so, the delicate patterns were chosen to design such beautiful dresses. Layers upon layers of fine silk chiffon and handmade embroidery; this new line allows one to escape reality into the world of extravagant parties hosted by Great Gatsby himself. This new line brings to life the decade that was known for its partying. It was a time to celebrate the end of the First World War and, for woman’s fashion, a transition from centuries of corsets. This new decade gave way to more freedom for the woman by allowing them to raise the hem of the dresses, lower the waist band and cut their hair to very short lengths. For the first time in history, woman have been given more options to feel comfortable in their clothes and still look as stylish.

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