Italy is known and loved for its scenic beauty and fantastic food, as well as for being home to three fashion capitals that are key players in shaping the world of high fashion: Milan, Florence and Rome.  LADYTAIS will revisit Italy soon, but this time they chose Florence as the location for the new campaign.

Taisia Novakhova, the head designer and founder of the brand says that the city is the perfect frame for her new couture collection created for women who appreciate elegance and sophisticated details above anything else. The shoot will take place in one of the famous “Florentine renaissance palazzos” and adjacent gardens.
“Italy has the spirit of love, fashion, and inspiration in the air!”- Taisia Novakhova.

After all, high fashion is a form of art, fuelled by creativity and the desire to make the world more beautiful, and it deserves to be celebrated in such a picturesque setting.

LADYTAIS collections are a fusion of imagination and craftsmanship. The new line will soon be presented to the public – and believe me, it’s fabulous!

“Simplicity, good taste, and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing.”- Christian Dior.

LADYTAIS embraces this philosophy and each of their creations filled with elegance and romanticism. It makes a woman feel like she can take over the world and gives her immense joy.

Throughout the years, the company has had immense potential and plenty of opportunities for themselves and others. They firmly believe in collaboration to achieve synergy with other like-minded companies and, most importantly, giving back to the community. LADYTAIS is a brand you want to keep on your radar.

Fashion expert and journalist Anett Kovats. Florence, Italy