LADYTAIS is a fashion company based in Canada.

LADYTAIS collections are created for those who use fashion as a form of self-expression, something that helps convey her personality and that wants to tell a story with her style. Each woman is unique, just as is each LADYTAIS piece. Couture Wedding collections are elegant and luxurious. Ready-to-wear is designed to take the “wearer” from day to night. The beautiful, yet delicate and high-quality fabrics will serve their purpose of helping each woman look her best no matter where she is and what she is doing; allow her to be comfortable, romantic and remarkable. Blazers, dresses, blouses and more are created to be versatile and go from business casual. With so many women in the professional industry, LADYTAIS keeps in mind their busy schedule and the need to be ready to go from the office to an event. This is how accessory collections’ came to life.


“When choosing a set of clothes and accessories, we are often in a hurry and do not think that our choices can affect our mood, self-confidence, or empower our impression of others, which may contribute to our future. I hope to change someone’s life with just a dress.”


LADYTAIS expanded to a worldwide company providing unlimited opportunities to talented and unstoppable creatives.
In partnership with best manufacturers and institutions, LADYTAIS delivers unique designs and high fashion clothes & accessories.

“Giving love to the world will help us to stay on  track.”